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Story of the Week

The Secret Agent Adventure

By Junior Writers, Amarjeet, Maia & Mikayla

An excerpt from their 2021 publication, Save this 'Till We're Famous

Once upon a time there were four secret agents. Mia, the unicorn, who’s code name was Dog. Inn, the dog, who’s code name was Unicorn. Mordy, who’s code name was Neve. And Cez, who’s code name was Lightning Fire.

They received a secret message that said:

Susan the scientist has been captured by the baddies. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find the baddie’s head quarters and free Susan, then bring her back home.

Dog, Unicorn, Neve and Lightning Fire were all worried for Susan the scientist and decided to help.

First, they got into the secret agent spaceship and flew up into space. Lightning Fire turned on the heat signature machine and scanned the world. They found Susan’s heat signature. She was under water and underground. The baddies headquarters must be under the water and under the ground. The agents felt excited, but also a little bit scared.

Neve turned on the teleporter and they beamed everyone down into the baddies HQ. But they still had to go and find Susan, so they decided to split up to look for her. There were lots of guards that they would have to get passed.

Unicorn and Dog went together. They used their invisibility cloak to turn invisible. They had some rocks with them, so while they were invisible, they threw the rocks at different places, so the guards were confused and followed the sound. This meant Unicorn and Dog could get passed unnoticed.

Neve used her invisible powers to disappear, then she picked up things and made it look like they were floating. All the guards thought she was a ghost! They got so scared that they all ran away. And Neve could get past them.

Lightning fire used his super speed to run around all the guards so fast that it made them all spin around and around. The guards got so dizzy that they all fell over and Lightning Fire could run past them all.

Finally, the agents found where Susan was being held prisoner. They discovered that there were lots of lasers keeping her trapped. They were all happy to see her, but very worried about how to get past the lasers.

They all worked together, and each moved one of the laser beams and point them all in one place. All the lasers pointed together made a portal.

Neve decided she would go through the portal. She went through but everything was dark. She had to feel around in the dark. She felt very confident, so she kept feeling around and then she found the laser switch. She flipped the switch and the lasers all turned off with a BANG! AAAH!

Now that the lasers were off, they could teleport everyone back up to the spaceship. Lightning Fire turned on the teleport and the agents and Susan the scientist were all beamed up safely into the spaceship.

They were all very happy, they had saved the scientist.

They all lived happily ever after, the end.

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