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My Space Adventure

My Space Adventure is a free creative competition aimed at sparking inspiration and inspiring creativity.

We want you to have fun, get creative, and share your awesome ideas with us and your friends!

This year, we're running two competitions side by side. A character creation competition for ages 5 - 8 and a short story competition for ages 8 - 12.

Closing Date Monday 15th April 2024


We know we're going to love all of your creations, and our team of writers are going to choose some of their favourites to receive a prize.

Winning entries will receive

  • A Creative Writing Goody Bag (with age appropriate resources)

  • Your creation published in our annual book

  • An invite to our book launch party for you and 2 guests in December

  • A copy of the new book to take home from the party

Character Creation Competition

For ages 5 - 8

  • Draw a picture of your alien creation

  • Include anything you want us to know about them. (Name, age, favourite food...)


Get creative and design a new alien character. Will it have three heads? Tentacles instead of legs? Your imagination is the limit. So blast off into outer space and imagine what kind of characters you might meet.

Short Story

For ages 8 - 12

  • 500 - 1500 words

  • Write about your own Space Adventure

Will you write about an alien crash landing in your garden? Or setting off to explore deep space. Will you write about the mythology of the stars? Or your first day at intergalactic space school?

Whatever you choose to write about, as long as it's inspired by space, we want to read it!

Group Entries

If you'd like to submit more than one entry, please  send them to:


  • Subject title: My Space Adventure

  • Creator's Name & Age

  • Parent/guardian/teacher contact email

Drop Off In Person


You can also drop off your picture creation in person at:

Pace Youth Theatre

Top Floor of the Paisley Centre

2 high Street Paisley

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